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画板 34

Must-have Spare Parts with High-tech

Simple But with Dedication

A continuous link of air channels ensures a complete vacuum seal, making it much easier for rapid sealing without leaking.

Fully customizable bags both in size and thickness to suit your required specification and food.

All Bags & Rolls

Flexible, Reliable and Highly Innovative

Worry-free Application

Our vacuum sealer bags & rolls secure FDA approval by being BPA-free, giving consumers the peace of mind.

Available All Around

Our durable vacuum sealers bags can be freezable, microwavable, or boilable.

Multifaceted Solution

our bags & rolls can accommodate to various substances in multiple applications.

Receiving Expert Care at Argion

Design assistance to put your ideas into real products.
Sample review and pilot production services are necessary for us to ensure product integrity.
Our products are able to promote globally smoothly through our adherence to safety standards.
Timely delivery, accompanied by prolong after-sales support.

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