Why Argion

Argion is Making A Difference

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Manufacturer with Outstanding Capabilities

A 29,300 m² factory space housing nine assembly lines with about 1,000,000 units of machines per year. We bring your visions to life, faster and more cost effectively.

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Excellence in Production Techniques

Modern production techniques like vacuum and temperature technology for kitchen applications ensure efficiency and precision.

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New Era, New Mindset

Developing innovative technologies with our R&D from electronics and eco-friendly base materials, to exclusive chips and codes.

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Customized Services

Customizing exterior and interior design for unique kitchen equipment, and we offer custom packaging design, helping your brand stand out in the global market.



Product Quality Priority

We ensure the kitchen product is made food-grade and packaged dust-free to be shipped in clean condition.

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Seasoned support team guarantees fast response time with every communication. In addition, our custom kitchen equipment is covered by a one-year warranty, including technical support.

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