Immersion Sous Vide Cookers

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Immersion Sous Vide Cookers

Argion immersion sous vide cooker can memorize temperatures in either ℃/℉ and cook time, allowing for various volume orders of specific dishes. In addition, the sous vide unit has a slim and compact design to make it compatible with any settings.

Extra Benefits


Rich Application Coverage

From low-temperature cooking to food preservation methods, Argion kitchen equipments are suitable for any applications.

Both economical for large-scale requirements as well as ODM/OEM fulfillment to satisfy specific market demands.



Food Processing Industry


Personalized Cooking Experience

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Tailor-made For Any Kitchens

We offer an extensive customization service without any threshold on our immersion sous vide cooker.

Targeted Crowds & Markets

Our ODM/OEM service helps food brands, supermarkets, distributors, hospitality businesses, and food processing industries attract your target markets.

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