Water Bath Sous Vide Cookers

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Water Bath Sous Vide Cookers

The water bath sous vide cooker we produce circulates the heated water to ensure all parts of the submerged ingredient are cooked at a consistent temperature.

Extra Benefits



Rich Application Coverage

From low-temperature cooking to food preservation methods, Argion kitchen equipments are suitable for any applications.

Both economical for large-scale requirements as well as ODM/OEM fulfillment to satisfy specific market demands.



Food Processing Industry


Personalized Cooking Experience

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Cooking in Diversity

With a diverse temperature range of 5℃-99℃ and heating time settings, our water bath sous vide cooker can handle a wide variety of dishes or food products.

Cooking in Accuracy

Innovative smart sensors enable our water bath sous vide cooker to control the temperature with a 0.1℃ accuracy and a max temperature tolerance within 5℃.

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