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Blast Freezers and Clear Ice Makers

Ready-to-Use Refrigerating Solution

We provide the market with blast freezers in different sizes and specs that can be used in various scenarios. You can always get the one fits your market’s need most.

The clear ice maker is our exclusive innovation that allows catering businesses to mass produce clear ice in standard shapes effortlessly.

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blast freezer

Blast Freezers

Rapid Freeze

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clear ice maker

Clear Ice Makers

Cost Effcient

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Handheld vacuum sealer

Bag Sealer

Robust Packing

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Expertly-made Refrigerating Appliances

Superior On Each Part

We use 304 stainless steel and eco-friendly materials for excellent corrosion resistance.

One-step Acess

An automatic evaporation draining system keeps water from pooling.


Innovative dust gauze design can be easily removed, making cleaning and maintenance hassle-free.

Receiving Expert Care at Argion

Get professional assistance in creating your functional and uniquely-designed kitchen products.
Comprehensive sample review, testing, and pilot production services.

Obtain the necessary product safety certifications for your target market.
Fast and timely order processing with long-term after-sales.

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