Sous vide

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It's All About Precise

Professional Cooking Anywhere

Argion’s innovative sous vide units can achieve accurate temperature cooking from room temperature to 90/95 ℃ with precision.

We also develop a smart control app feature for wireless control as well as Intelligent heating function for professional cooking performance.

All Sous Vide Cookers

Compatible Sizes for All Use

Bag Sealer

Robust Packing

Less Hassle, More Control

Effortless Operation

Achieve precise low temperature cooking with the accurate controls of our sous vide unit.

Safe Alarm

Smart sensors on our sous vide will emit an notification of high or low water levels for a safe cooking session.

Adaptable Sizes

The design of our sous vide unit can fit any container with round or flat walls.

Receiving Expert Care at Argion

Consultation from professional engineers with an extensive background in kitchen equipment.
Rapid sampling, comprehensive testing, and pilot production sous vide services.
Safety certifications services to make your sous vide exportable to your target markets.
On-time delivery of your sous vide orders and comprehensive after-sales services.

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