Blast Freezers

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Blast Freezers

Blast freezer allow to preserve cooked food by reducing the temperature from +70 °C (158 °F) to +3 °C (37 °F) or below within 90 minutes. They are commonly used in food catering and, recently, in the prepared meal industry, as it ensures the safety and the quality of the food product.

Extra Benefits



Rich Application Coverage

From low-temperature cooking to food preservation methods, Argion kitchen equipments are suitable for any applications. Both economical for large-scale requirements as well as ODM/OEM fulfillment to satisfy specific market demands.



Food Processing Industry


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Persistent Innovation

Our intelligent R&D thrusts for annual releases of self-developed vacuum sealers that surpass the market standard through multiple innovative functions.

Stand-out Quality

Thanks to our dedicated team and their comprehensive inspection process, our factory receives ISO verification and safety certifications worldwide.

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