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"We bring concrete benefits to everyday life through innovation, either step by step or radically. We shall never stop trying and exploring, because we believe there's always a way to make things better."
Owen Liang
Founder & CEO of Argion

Your Essential Partner in Kitchen Equipment Industry

Seasoned Manufacturer

We have 15 years of production experience serving supermarkets and brands in over ten regions, securing certifications from the US, Australia, and the EU.

Professional ODM/OEM service

As industry experts, we’re capable of creating tailor-made kitchen products that match current market trends, regional user data, and brand requirements.

A Journey to Excellence


Completing the shareholding reform, Argion gradually completed the international corporatization.


Performed re-construction of the plant for doubling the capacity.


Awarded as one of the top 100 private enterprises in R&D in Panyu District and a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province. Passed the certification of intellectual property management system in 2019.


Established the production plant in Panyu to expand the product line.


Guangzhou Argion Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is founded. And successively become a loyal partner of famous brands in the global industry.

Our Pursuit Along The Way

Founded in 2007, Argion has been committed itself to making the best vacuum products through relentless innovation. Our industry-leading products such as vacuum sealer bags, vacuum sealers and sous vide cookers are well received by our customers around the globe. Blast freezers, vacuum storage bags, biodegradable vacuum sealer bags, smokers and more categories have been added to our portfolio to meet our customers’ increasing needs.


Dedication and innovation are our key strengths to success. To provide the international market with products of highest standards, continuous investments are made to increase our capabilities in R&D and manufacturing. We now have about 100 R&D engineers and more than 15 production lines in two manufacturing plants. Top-notch technologies are applied to our finely made products.


We started with vacuum technology and will continue to perfect it to the next level.

Manufacturing staff

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