Introduction to Blast Freezing

blast freezer

What is blast freezing?

Blast freezing, also known as blast chilling or flash freezing, is a method of rapidly cooling food products to prolong shelf life and retain nutrients, flavor, and texture.


 Why blast freezing is important?

Bacteria multiply quickly in the “Danger Zone” of 5°C to 63°C (41°F to 145°F), where food items are susceptible to decay. Regular freezers cannot achieve the temperature reduction that a blast freezer can, from 90°C/194°F to 3°C/37°F in 90 minutes.

When water turns to ice, the molecules expand, causing damage to the food’s cells and ruining its appearance and texture. With blast freezing, the ice crystals of the food are smaller and have less impact on the appearance and texture.

Application of Blast Freezing

Blast freezers are widely used throughout the food industry, especially in processing, and are also used in many commercial kitchens for foods such as:

  • Raw meat
  • Seafood
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Pre-prepared ready meals
  • Delicate food or sweets


Blast freezing not only provides food safety but effectively improves time and cost efficiencies in kitchens of all sizes. For more information about how a blast freezer can benefit your business, contact a specialist today!

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