Compostable Embossed Vacuum Rolls

Perfect eco-friendly solution for your food packaging needs.



MaterialsPLA + PBAT
Thickness75 microns
Sizes15 cm x 600 cm (5.91″ x 236.22″)
20 cm x 600 cm (7.87″ x 236.22″)
25 cm x 600 cm (9.84″ x 236.22″)
Temperature range-30ºC / +100ºC
Cooking time24 hours at 90ºC
Seal temperature118ºC – 125ºC
O2 trans. rate0.1 cm³ /(㎡·24h·0.1Mpa)
 Vapor trans. rate:13.8 g / (㎡·24h)

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